Aircraft Sales

Within the complex world of corporate aviation, costly errors can easily be made on a particular aircraft acquisition or sale.  At Pittsburgh Jet Center we provide unmatched experience and knowledge that can guide you through the purchase, management and sale of your aircraft.  Our sales and acquisition teams can help you to make the proper decisions by offering the following services:


  • Define the owner requirements in terms of typical mission profiles

  • Identify the proper aircraft type to fit that mission

  • Locate the best possible value in terms particular serial number (specs, age, price)

  • Evaluate the aircraft

  • Assist financial advisors and help to acquire loan/financing

  • Coordinate acceptance closing and delivery of aircraft

  • Assist in placement of aircraft in proper management program


  • Survey market conditions for all types of aircraft

  • Assess customers particular aircraft and suggest pricing

  • Develop aircraft spec sheets and marketing materials

  • Respond to inquiries and conduct sales presentations

  • Negotiate offers and sales contracts

  • Coordinate acceptance closing and delivery of aircraft

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